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Spring 1999
Issue #3
The Price of a Purebred Puppy? 
You Should Get What You Pay For
by Krista Mifflin
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Editor's Corner
OK, I admit it--I bit off more than I could chew.  I had hoped to do a monthly on-line newsletter but I realize I can't do that and continue all my rescue work.  Sooo..... the newsletter is now an official QUARTERLY publication--Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.   I hope to provide thought-provoking short articles and other fun Springer or dog items of interest.  Please feel free to submit ideas or articles to me at goldengaterescue(@)        ~~     your editor, Diane
GGESSA Wows Cow Palace dog show Go'ers
GGESSA and Rescue returned after a one-year absence to the renowned  Golden Gate Kennel Club dog show on February 6 & 7.  GGESSA club members redesigned our booth, creating a booth very colorful and attractive.  We distributed many information flyers on Springers and Rescue, answered breed and rescue questions and we hope met many new friends to our breed.  On view also at our booth were video tapes of Springers showing their versatility--in the show ring, in the obedience ring and in the field hunting. 
The price of a purebred puppy depends on if you are buying a "show or working quality" puppy, or a "companion only" puppy. Puppies sold on a spay/neuter contract usually average around $500 in price.  Puppies sold for working or competing can be as high priced as $1500.

Have you ever seen two people in a room, one a definite "Cat Person", the other a "Dog Person," and then then hear them compare the prices of their chosen species? The conversation went something like this:

"You paid $900.00 ... for a DOG?! You must be kidding me! It's only a dog! That's how much my Persian, Fluffy cost!"
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Special thanks goes to talented seamstress Cheryl Geisler and our new president/handyman Bob Vallier for their hard work.  Kudos also to Joanne Pereira for donating her club jacket for our new table runner.  Thanks goes to Alvin & Audrey Eng, and Bob Vallier for loan of VCR and TV equipment.  A high five to our booth crew--Jan Hanlon, Kris Veldheer, Ginnie Klein, Alvin & Audrey Eng, Cheryl Geisler, Bob Vallier and Diane Tebault
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