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55 Springers were adopted through GGSR in 2000
SAM, hunter/fetcher extraordinaire
SAM was sold thru a newspaper ad for $50 to his first owner, who died in 1997.  The family contacted our rescue who connected them with his second owner.  Sam promptly rejected this family by generally being obnoxious.  At age 7, he was then taken into our foster care and adopted to his "forever" home with a family at Beale Air Force Base near Fairfield. 

He then discovered his "inner puppy's" true calling by becoming "one of the finer hunting dogs I've ever had" for his owner. 

His owner recently sent us the picture above with the following report~~
He's doing great!  He's become a close family member and I've worked with him to be one of the finer hunting dogs I've ever had.  I even trained him to retrieve ducks this year from our blind (old dogs can learn new tricks)!  Attached, you will see him retrieving a 12-lb goose with a 4-foot wing span.  He retrieved this bird from over 60 yards out!  After a morning of waterfowl shooting, Sam and I would often head to the game farm or somewhere on base for an afternoon pheasant hunt.

One day a fellow hunter approached me and asked if I was out at the base lake duck hunting this morning. I replied yes, I was. He looked at Sam and back at me and asked if I used the same dog for upland birds as I do for retrieving.......why yes, I do!  He replied damn!  You mean there is a breed that will do both and I didn't have to buy two different dogs????  I had to remind him of all the other benefits he receives for having two dogs......he didn't buy it.

Sadly, from Sam's owner on 3/31/05: I went to the rescue page today and saw that Sam was still featured.  Not sure if this e-mail even works so I will keep it short:  We adopted Sam from you back in 1998.  Yesterday I had to put him down.   In the last couple of months, he had lost half his body weight and was in a tremendous amount of pain. 

Sam was without a doubt the best hunting companion I had.  You may have remembered the story I sent you regarding one of Sam's finer moments that you subsequently posted on your web site.  He had a number more. He was an amazing part of our family.  He even traveled with us to our new home in North Carolina.  We will miss him. Thanks for the memories, Bill H.
From 12/30/05:  "It has been almost a yr since Hunt (aka Hunter) came to us.  he is getting along well.  jim had him out to the pheasant fields but he is not interested.  Maybe later....loves to play and swim.  jim and i have relocated to provo, utah....hunt took the move fairly well.  hunt has now got a younger brother....scooter.(ess from a breeder in montana). They get along well, and a sister, roxy (an eskie) from the pound in martinez....she immediately told the boys she was the boss and that seems fine with them.  Hope all is well with you and yours.......carol and jim"
SAM, cherished companion
Rascal & Elfie
Rascal, an alumni from foster care with GGSR, and his owner Elfie at home in Oakland
Sandra James of Tahoe
Tahoe Dog Trainer Sandra James of K-9 Ace Academy and her two rescued black/whites