Dog Approved By Landlord?
Have you attended DOG OBEDIENCE CLASSES?
Have you heard of ALPHA DOG/PACK BEHAVIOR?
Other Considerations
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Home Phone
Own or Rent?
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Lived with Springers?  
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What sort of EXERCISE/ACTIVITY would you do with your Springer during a typical week? 
Approximate amount of time?
Do you know how much GROOMING Springers  need?
What is your main reason for wanting a dog?  
Do CHILDREN live in your home or visit regularly? 
Approximate Ages of Children:
         Do you live with any animals?  
(What type, age(s) & if dogs are intact or neutered)
 Is your Yard ............
Other Yard Features?
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Average # hours Springer left alone/day & where?  
Where would your Springer sleep @ Night?
Are You Interested in Getting Your Springer SPAYED or NEUTERED?
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How did you decide on a Springer?
What are your expectations of  your future Springer?
Type of housing?
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