Golden Gate Springer Spaniel Rescue
Issue #4Winter 1999
Separation Anxiety
50+ Ways to Help Rescue
Issue #1 October 1998
What Does Fostering Involve?
50+ Ways to Help Rescue

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Since 3/10/06
Issue #2November 1998
Dr. Doom
How to Love Your Dog: 
A Kid's Guide to Dog Care

Issue #3Spring 1999

The Price of a Purebred Puppy?

Springer Info Table at Golden Gate Kennel Club show 1999

Issue #5Winter 2006
The animal shelter - what it's like inside
War Hero Springer is Crufts Hero Dog of Year 2005
Columbian Heroin Smuggled inside Lab Pups
Springer on Staff at Australian College
Issue #6Spring 2007
Books & Springers:  Perfect Match
"I'll Talk to Him," "I Am Here" & "She's Here!"(poems)
The Rainbow Bridge story
James, Springer Westminster Winner, in Retirement
"The Dog Ate What?" from Best of Craig's List
Salmon/Rice Recipe for Stuffing Kong Toys
Working Springers: 
Polly, the Sniffer Springer, Retires.  Monty, bomb sniffer, in Afghanistan.  Murphy, cell-phone sniffer.  Hershey, therapy dog.  Pickles, the truffle hunter.  Sweep, bomb sniffer, in Iraq.